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Sons of Pericles BBQ Team at the Andees Army BBQ Festival, June 20th

The Lambros Firm (Brother Michael Lambros) sponsored the Sons of Pericles BBQ Team as part of the Andees Army BBQ festival held Saturday, June 20th on the grounds of the North Fulton (Chastain) Golf Course. The Sons of Pericles team consist of Past President, Michael Lambros, Jr., President, Greg Vourloumis, and Nick Zacharopoulos.  The Team cooked delicious ribs using The Zacharopoulos Family Secret BBQ Recipe (classical BBQ Style) and Greek style Pork Butt using a special Tzatziki-BBQ Sauce.


The Sons participation in Andees Army which is a great charitable event is representative of the Sons continued commitment to the group's mantra, "help others & have fun".  We applaud Brother Lambros and the Sons for their hard work and efforts in making a difference in the lives of others!

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