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Monthly meetings are held in person at the Lodge and may also be offered virtually via Zoom. Meeting will generally be held between the 17th and 24th of each month, on either Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon. Please check the "SAVE THE DATES" section below. 

AHEPA Educational Foundation is accepting applications for scholarships. The application is available by visiting the following website, where it may be completed online:

AHEPA District 1 Scholarship Program

Dues Payments can be done at the Pay menu.

SAVE The DateS

2022 Agenda

Fall Fellowship Dinner

Thursday, November 3rd

Doors open @ 6 PM

In-person at Kartos Hall 

If you have questions, please contact Chapter President Ted Pruitt 

Chapter Meeting

Thursday, November 17th

Doors open @ 6 PM

In-person at the Lodge

AHEPA 2022 Mother Lodge Christmas Party


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