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Great Greek Artist in Georgia, June 6-30

The AHEPA Mother lodge is pleased to share exciting news of a show by one of the great Greek American artists, and a dear friend of the Atlanta AHEPA and Greek communities. Rip Kastaris, was the artistic genius that created Kyklos Circle of Glory for the Athens 2004 Olympics, the third of the trilogy of Olympic art projects that began with our Tribute sculpture in 1996.


Rip will be having a showing in Georgia and he asked me to invite all of our Atlanta area Greek and AHEPA family members. You’ll see some amazing art and meet a great Hellene and talented artist. See below and please feel free to share this with all of your family and friends.”


An Exhibition of Paintings by Euripides “Rip” Kastaris

June 6-30, 2015

Dogwood City Art Gallery

14 W. Alabama St.

Tallapoosa, GA 30176


For more information, visit  Dogwood City Art Gallery

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