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Atlanta's AHEPA & Sons Participate in IOCC-GOYA Charity Basketball Game Benefiting Hurricane

AHEPA Mother Lodge Chapter 1 and Sons of Pericles Adelphi Chapter 86 went head-to-head in a charity basketball game, Saturday, February 21st to help raise funds to send a team of eight local GOYANs on an IOCC Mission-Build project benefitting Hurricane Sandy victims.

IOCC partners with Habitat for Humanity in several locations where people are in need, particularly due to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, and AHEPA Mother Lodge has supported past Atlanta build teams that traveled to New Orleans LA and Minneapolis MN. The "Youth" ruled the evening as the Sons were led in strong offense by Stephen Lawandales, Nick Zacharopoulos, and William Kantsios.

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